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Reduce Your Stress!

Universities continue to see record numbers of applicants, requiring students to submit exceptional applications. The high level of competition makes the process overly stressful. My goal: To help students through every step of the college application process, in an organized fashion, allowing them to present the best version of themselves for college consideration. My clients have been accepted at prestigious universities and have received significant scholarships. 

College Applications prep


Contact me for a free consultation.I've helped students get into top colleges, honors

programs and secure significant scholarships.

Contact me for a free consultation. 


  • Early Guidance in High School

  • Evaluating Colleges & Deciding Where to Apply

  • Completing the Common Application

  • Completing The Coalition Application

  • Applying to Top Tier Universities (Ivys, Duke, MIT, Stanford, etc.)

  • Scholarship and Honors College Applications

  • Essay Development​

  • Securing Recommendations

  • Resume Development​

  • Interview Preparation

  • Financial Aid Options

  • Presentation Skills​


I'm Pirie McIndoe.  A resident of Cary, NC with over 35 years of experience working in the higher education market. Over my career, I've done work at over 350 colleges, and worked with every level of administration including Presidents, CFOs, Provosts, Deans, and Directors of Admissions, Financial Aid, Human Resources and more. I understand higher education from multiple perspectives, and know what administrators are really looking for to develop a diverse student body. Let me put this extensive experience to work for you

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