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Pirie McIndoe

My name is Pirie McIndoe. I’m a resident of Cary, NC, and have an extensive background in higher education. My eldest daughter completed her M.Ed. as an iSHINE Scholar at Appalachian State University and is a special education teacher. My younger daughter is a Business Administration and Sports Administration double major, and Pittard Scholar at UNC-Chapel Hill. I have helped them and many other students through the complex and stressful, college application process.  

Contact me for a free consultation. Look at my work and results to see if I would be a good fit to advise your student. I've advised students to help them get into top colleges, honors programs, and secure significant scholarships. 

I understand the culture of higher education. 

My work has taken me to over 350 colleges around the country from the University of Maine to Cal Tech and The University of Miami to the University of Washington. I have attended hundreds of conferences by:

  • The American Council on Education

  • The American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers

  • National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators 

  • National Association of College and University Business Officers 

  • National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

  • And many others

I understand the big picture of the college and university marketplace.

While college tuition has risen far beyond the rate of inflation over the last 30 years, schools still face significant economic pressures from limited government funding, to increases in their “tuition discount rate.” Yet, in some cases, students may find they can attend a private college, for virtually the same price as a public in-state university.


I am a teacher at heart.

I've coached youth athletics for 35 years and relate well to high school students. I treat them like adults and explain why things are important. The college applications are theirs and they will have to put in the effort for our partnership to work. I am very organized, detail and task oriented. I have been successful in keeping students on task and on time. I have never had a student miss a college application deadline - and that's a record I plan to keep.


College Campus
Image by Sharon McCutcheon


I am happy to provide references upon request. 

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