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I have been helping students through the college search and application process for many years. Often, parents would like to help their students with the application process, but may not have the time or expertise. Simply put, I know what colleges want to see in an application and I help each student craft their application to maximize their chances of being accepted. The applications are honest, as integrity is of the utmost importance to me. Students will write their own essays and have to put in the effort to earn their college acceptance. I am highly organized and help students stay on track during this complex and stressful process.


Exploring options

Many students don't know what they want to study or where they want to attend college.  With my extensive experience, I can help them evaluate multiple schools and narrow their choices.  This evaluation will help students find schools that meet not only their educational needs, but their other needs as well.


Do they like a big school feel or a more intimate setting? Is Greek Life important? I can help students look at the big picture; beyond the 16 hours of class each week. One of the biggest reasons students transfer is that they don't feel like they fit in. Making the right choice the first time is always better.

Application Data and Recommendations

There is a lot of data required to apply to college. Demographic data on the student and parents, residency requirements, school and class information. I can help capture this data quickly and efficiently for use on each application. 

Getting recommendations from the right teachers, coaches and administrators is very important. Students should be asking for these in May of their junior year. I can help students determine who they should ask.


Essays are a critical part of every application. The essays allow the admissions officer to get to know the student beyond the grades and test scores. They can explain how the student overcame challenges and why the student wants to attend a particular school. Well written essays are often the deciding factor in an admissions decision.


Poorly written essays can sink an otherwise strong application. I edit the essays using high school vernacular and structure. Admissions counselors can tell when an essay was written by someone other than the student.


Many top tier schools offer or require interviews for admission. Most major scholarships require them as well. I have a great deal of expertise in the interview process. Every part counts from how you dress to shaking hands at the conclusion. It's not just answering questions, it's how you do so. I have helped students prepare for interviews with Ivy League Schools, MIT, Stanford and many others. Scholarship interviews for Pittard Scholars, Morehead Cain Finalists, Parks Finalists and more.


High school students should develop a competent resume by the end of their junior year. Resumes are useful in securing teacher recommendations and are normally included with college applications. 


I also help college students develop professional resumes. Strong resumes can help land internships and significantly improve the chances of being selected for an interview. 

Financial Aid 

Attending college is very expensive, even at in-state universities. I can discuss financial aid options with you and point you in the direction of possible scholarship opportunities. If your student is invited to apply to an Honors Program, which often provide in-state tuition for out-of-state students, or for scholarship opportunities, I can help.

If your child wants to attend an out-of-state public university, there may be options that will provide for reduced tuition.

Freshman, Sophomores & Juniors

Getting into a good university seems to get more challenging every year. Often, it is the preparation prior to senior year that makes the difference. If your student wants to attend a competitive university, it makes sense to spend a couple of hours discussing course selection, extracurricular and service activities, internships, research projects and other things that can set your student apart from other applicants.


I provide a free consultation, and can share strategies to help your student get into their dream school.  


During the pandemic, many schools are now testing optional, meaning you don't have to take these tests. However, many colleges will still consider your scores if you submit them. In addition, many colleges use scores to determine if students will qualify for certain scholarships or for admission to an honors program. I can discuss the tests with your student and review strategies they can use to improve their scores. Test prep classes and tutoring are options, but there are some excellent self-study options that are very affordable. If needed, I can recommend tutors in our area.  

And More... 

Other stuff comes up. Should I live in a Learning Community? What's the best way to choose a roommate? Should I attend one of the early Kick Off Camps? Should I consider joining a fraternity or sorority? I just got a text from an Admissions Counselor; how should I respond?  

I can help with all of these questions and more.  Helping students with the small details makes the process easier and less stressful. 

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