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I have known Pirie and have had the pleasure of working with him since the late 1990s in the Higher Education arena. I am highly confident that he can and will help you navigate the college application process! That is because Pirie knows Higher Education and has always been the consumate professional who will go out of his way to find answers for you, researching the best options to meet your needs. I have always found Pirie to be trustworthy and above board, displaying high character and competence in his specialty areas. Pirie is very personable, easy to work with and has a genuine interest in you as a person, not just as a client. I highly recommend that you work with Pirie for all your college application needs.

- Stewart Mixon, Chief Operations Officer, Medical University of South Carolina


I have known and worked with Pirie McIndoe in higher education for over 30 years. He is one of the most knowledgeable and customer-oriented people I have had the pleasure to work with. He has worked with small colleges and some of the largest and most prestigious universities across the country. He provided the same level of dedicated service and commitment to all he served. His knowledge of higher education and commitment to service, make him ideally suited to this role. 

- Jerryl W. Morris,  Executive Director for University Advising, Kennesaw State University

As an immigrant parent, the U.S. college admissions process is confusing and difficult to navigate. An Advisor for College helped my daughter refine her resumes and essays. Most notably Pirie spent endless hours working with my daughter on her interview skills focusing on her presence, anticipating questions, and ensuring that she had fully researched and prepared for each interview. This has resulted in being named a finalist for 4 major scholarships including the Bryan Cameron Impact, Morehead-Cain, Park and Shelton Leadership scholarships. An Advisor for College provided unparalleled expertise, advice and coaching; I can’t recommend them highly enough.

- Sarah C. (Broughton Parent)

Pirie's Many years of higher education experience make him an ideal advisor for anyone wanting help navigating the college application process. His expertise was always on display when he advised me in complex matters, and his gentle, understanding manner gave me a lot of confidence as we worked through challenging issues together.

- Chris Byrd, Vice President (retired), University of South Carolina


I have known Pirie McIndoe for many years and worked with him in various higher education professional associations. Pirie is wise, he pays attention to emerging trends, and I have always found him to be an exceptional listener and thought partner. I especially appreciate that Pirie cares about the success of others; an important trait when helping students through the college admissions process.

- Allison Vaillancourt, Ph.D., VP for Administration (retired), University of Arizona


The college application process has changed so much since I went 25 years ago. It was great to have An Advisor for College help my son through the entire process. There was no fighting to get my student to complete his applications. Pirie's extensive knowledge of the various colleges helped my son find the best college fit for him. The weekly updates were easy to see where in the application process my son was, and how I could nudge him to get it finished.

- Kathleen S. (Green Hope Parent)


The deadline for my daughter's application was approaching quickly and she was not satisfied with her essays. I enlisted Pirie's help and he reviewed the essays, spoke with my daughter at length about the primary focus of each essay, and helped her edit the essays into the final product that reflected her experiences. My daughter was able to submit her application on time and we were extremely pleased with his work.

- Lori M.( Apex Friendship Parent) 

Mr. McIndoe was a huge asset in my senior year of High School. After being accepted to both UVA and UGA, I could not make up my mind. Would it be financially worth it to attend an out-of-state school? Which school would be a better fit, both academically and socially? Although I had done my fair share of research when making such a large decision, he had knowledge and advice that only someone who has in-depth experience with many different colleges can give. He knew not only the general statistics of each school, but he also knew the smaller, but equally important characteristics about each university that I could not have found online. Now in my second year at the University of Virginia, I can say that Mr. McIndoe helped me make the right choice! 

- Riley P. (Glynn Academy, Class of 2018)

Mr. McIndoe did wonders for my resume. Even with my university’s approval of my previous resume, I wasn’t getting any attention from potential employers. When someone referred me to Mr. McIndoe, the future of my career drastically changed for the better. He opened my eyes to skills that I forgot I had to put on my resume. A couple of weeks after revised and reformatted my resume, I got a call back for an interview with “Acquire” in Raleigh, NC. Applying for jobs now is oddly more enjoyable ever since Mr. McIndoe tweaked some information on my resume that made me stand out more to employers than my fellow peers. I feel like I am capable of so much more with the help of Mr. McIndoe's input.

- Weston M. (ECU Class of 2020)

Mr. McIndoe created a very professional resume for me. He helped me remember key experiences that I had forgotten about and word things in a way that make little things sound extremely impressive. His meticulous focus does not let a single fault slip through a resume. He will analyze and work with you for hours without hesitation. He strives for perfection and will help you reach whatever goal you have in mind. Mr. McIndoe was able to help me at the last minute during a very stressful time and was able to calm my nerves and reassured me that my life experiences were important and valuable when putting together my resume.

- Walker L. (Appalachian State Class of 2018)

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