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Decision Time Is Coming Soon!

Decision time is coming soon.

Most students who applied using early action have heard if they were accepted by now. However, those who applied via regular decision, or who were deferred into the regular decision pool will, not hear back until late March. Since decisions and tuition deposits are due on May 1, what should you, as parents and students, be doing now?

“My student still hasn’t picked a school.”

By now, most seniors will have narrowed their list to just a couple of schools. To help with the decision process, make any final school visits and kick the tires one more time. If you have not visited when school is in session, do that this spring. Get a feel for the campus, student life, and ask a lot of questions. Your child may be concerned that lots of other kids are already finding roommates and gearing up for the housing selection process. Don’t worry, lots of students are in the regular decision pool and they should have no problem finding a suitable roommate once they make a final school choice.

“My student has selected a school.”

Great! Follow all the procedures provided by the school. This includes paying your deposit, housing selection, health insurance information, vaccination information and more.

Students: don’t screw up.

There may be a nicer way to say this, but there it is. Don’t fail any classes. Take your AP exams seriously – a “3” or better earns you credit at all UNC System schools. If you drop a core course, an AP comes in handy to take its place. Don’t do anything really silly like trashing the school on senior night. Colleges can rescind an acceptance. It happens every year – don’t let it be you.

Students should set up their school account which may include setting up their email with the college. This is how the school will communicate with you for the next four years. You may have to take certain placement exams such as an online test to determine the correct level for a foreign language. Take them sooner than later, as stuff will pile up and senioritis will continue to grow.

This is an exciting time in your life. There will be more to do, but I’ll save that for a future post.

COLLEGE FUN FACT: Georgetown University offers a course called Philosophy and Star Trek. Hopefully, students will live long and prosper!

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